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by D.Stubs&M.Drix

We're excited to announce this Fat Beats limited edition 45 from Daru Jones x Marcus Machado's (aka D.Stubs & M.Drix) single that features live instrumental covers from classic Gangstarr & Madvillain joints; Discipline / Nice Girl b/w Meat Grinder (7")


These tracks are from the beat tape "PregameVL1," which features guest appearances such as DJ PremierDJ ScratchPete RockDoug WimbishFelix Pastorius, The Royal Pharaohs and more.


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by DMD

Rock and Roll. Soul. Jazz. Hip Hop. Rhythm and Blues. While everyone continues to use their gauging barometer readily boxing in creativity to confined spaces, along comes an album to defy the norm. Fusing hip hop, soul and jazz together to create ‘soul hop’, drummer Daru Jones (Jack White, Jamie Lidell, Slum Village), guitarist Marcus Machado (The Family Stand, Victor Bailey, Kid Capri) and bassist Doug Wimbish (Living Colour,
Sugarhill Records, Rolling Stones) are combining expertise and influences to create a sound and experience like no other. 3 generations of musicianship and meeting of the minds will bring you Daru, Marcus and Doug, known as the collective DMD.

DMD is the reflection of a superb tuneful trifecta. The soulful energy between Daru, Marcus and Doug is undeniable. Their camaraderie and artistry radiates throughout each note. It’s a fantastic blend of sounds that will leave music connoisseurs of all genres wanting for more. There are many ways to describe DMD. It can be heard as soulful, rock and roll. Or, perhaps a timeless retro and organic vibe. However, it would honestly be
best for you to come to your own conclusion once you press play on this bold and stylish beauty.

Let roaring melodic guitars, soulful drums and a warm grooving bass fill your weekend with the right positive energy as DMD just released there first single from self-titled project coming summer 2017!

 “After Dark” is the instrumental anthem that will have your heads boping and feet moving and wanting more.


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